High barrier to oxygen and moisture
Excellency in MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), O2 / CO2 absorber packet packaging
Long food shelf life
Long time preservability of designed food taste and flavor with excellent properties of flavor retaining function, resistance to oil, acid, alkali
Excellent hygienic function
Endocrine disrupter free aseptic, sterilized packaging compatible with food packaging container standard under Korean Food Sanitation Act
Lamicon tray will be totally changed into O2 and CO2 during its incineration
Pressure-vacuum forming
Packaging of retortable & boilable food which requires an excellent dimensional stability at high temperature.
(Application: Aseptic rice, microwavable food, grain gruel, fish cake stew)
Pressure forming
All range of products which requires high strength and low temperature filling with long product shelf life
(Application: Coffee milk, fruit salad, desserts, etc)