Profound and experienced R&D staffs, who specialize in high polymer chemistry, mechanics, food process engineering, are continuously performing a high level of technology developments with a strong orientation to consumer satisfaction. They are also the ones who are leading our company by developing new seed business with ten years advanced view, and grafting the advanced foreign technology to our own through their technical training in Japan, Europe, and U.S.A.

Oxy Scavenging Package 2006
Zipper Pack 2005
Vapor Release Pouch 2004
Multilayer cohesive Label 2002
Sheet & Film for PBL Tube 2002
Liquid leakage preventive One Touch Cap 2000
Environmentally-friendly PET LID 2000
Crystal Clear Plastic Container 2000
Non-PVC film for IV solution bag packaging 2000
Lithium Polymer battery package 1999
Gamma-ray sterilized Package 1998
Easy Cut / Peel Retort Pouch 1998
Microwavable Plastic Container 1997
Easy Tearing Stick Pouch 1997
Aseptic Food Package 1997
Endocrine disrupter free long-life conservation food package 1996
PP(PS)/EVOH Scrap recycling technology 1994
Agricultural & Forestry technology development project (supported by MAF) 2005.5~2007.4
Development of the detection technology on the irradiation of packaged beef
and vacuum film for such detection method