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SRTECHNOPACK CO., LTD is making every effort to provide the best product and service for customer’s satisfaction and to develop creative technologies through continued business innovations, technical developments, and systemized human resource trainings.

Since established in 1992, we are one of the leading food packaging companies in Korea, and has been positioned at a forefront in the field of long shelf life functional package, aseptic package, and retort package, and in 2001, we developed first in Korea Non-PVC IV solution film which has no harm to human body. With this highly advanced technology, we are supplying this film for Korean pharmaceutical companies, and further foreign customers like Chinese pharmaceutical companies.

In addition, under the strong faith of "Even a single dirty is not permitted,” we have continuously performed "zero defect movement", and it enables us to be proud of a higher level of sanitary control than any of big food companies in Korea.

In order to step forwards a global leader in 21st century, SRTECHNOPACK will continuously endeavor to become a contributing enterprise to human and nature throughout our re-establishing company vision and more progressive technology development.